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Worst Parenting Ever

We had such a positive response to our book “How to Raise Great Kids – 101 Fun & Easy Ideas,” and I’m so grateful to all the other Mom and Dad bloggers out there for taking the time to read it.

I did have one mommy blogger (who will remain nameless) who hated the book. Now, I know that opinions range the wide spectrum, especially when it comes to parenting, but this blogger literally could not find one positive thing in my book. I realize it’s not perfect, but not one thing!?! Interesting…

State Hockey Finals 2017

Then I realized that she is a European liberal, not that there is anything wrong with either one of those things! But she claimed that I thought I was god because I asked my kids to do chores around the house. She claimed I was training them like dogs.

This got the fur on the back of my neck up immediately, until I realized this woman truly risks raising lazy, ungrateful, spoiled, little brats. She said her job as a mother was to let her kids become whoever they wanted to be.

That sounds good in theory, but I know my kids would be video game playing, sugar-eating, rated-R movie watching bums. At least for a few years, but I believe in freedom with restrictions. I believe in hard work AND time for fun. I believe in discipline AND love.

We may not know for twenty years, but I’d rather stick to the path we’re on because other parents love having my kids over to play. This other mommy blogger… who knows?

Joke of the Day

You know it’s sad when the dogs behind me have a better car than I do!

Great After-School Snacks

Good spring break snacks, too!

After-School Snack Ideas for the WeekFULL RECIPE:

Posted by Tasty Junior on Monday, 6 March 2017

Stamp of Approval

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Take Some Time for Yourself!

Spa Day

Many times, we don’t take the time we need for ourselves to be better parents.

We get into survival mode and simply run around putting out fires instead of enjoying the simple things in life. We have four kids and we moved in with my parents last summer. I don’t live in my mom’s basement…

Now they live in ours and it’s been wonderful! It has had it’s own unique set of challenges – We ate out way too much, we had some weird fight over a bookcase, and we’re still trying to figure out where to put some of our junk, but we’re making it work. And work well!

What I didn’t expect is the delightful presence my kids now have access to every day. They regularly bebop down to Franny and Boppa’s to hang out (and eat things they shouldn’t). The key to this kind of living arrangement comes in only two important ingredients:

1) We don’t have every meal together. In fact, we probably only share one or two meals a week. They do their own thing and we are allowed to do ours for the most part.

2) Everyone has to be pretty easy-going. Some personality types just don’t mesh and you need to recognize that. Fortunately, ours blends fairly well and it’s great!

I’m not sure how much longer my father will be with us, but we’re going to make the most of it. Life really is short and we don’t want to miss a minute of it.

And no, it wouldn’t be possible unless we all took a little time for ourselves.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Best Valentine’s Day Box for school EVER! Well played, Ryan! Ha!

Great (Family Time at the) Wolf Lodge!

Our family went to the new Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs for grandma’s birthday and my kids LOVED it!

CLICK HERE to see Ryan on the Wolf Tail Water Ride

Here is my oldest son Ryan on one of the many free water attractions. Yes, he only did the ride once. Ha! It was a wonderful time but if you plan on going, bring your wallet. It’s a little on the pricey side…

Did I say “a little”!?! I meant it’s downright expensive! The top activity pass is $100 and it will keep your kids busy for two days, but the fine print leaves you spending even more because the stuffed animal included with the pass doesn’t come with an outfit. And the “magic wand” doesn’t come with a topper. It’s a clever way to separate you from even more of your hard-earned cash, and it’s super annoying.

Aside from that, this place is amazing! They charge as much as Disneyland because you can do a million things – mini-golf, bowling, arcade, swimming, ropes course, and more. They also sell a life-time drink cup that you can refill at any of the restaurants. It’s a great bargain until you notice you have to hand-wash it. Bogus!

I recommend NOT buying any pass and doing your very best to keep your little ones on task for just a few special treats or events, because the swimming is always FREE with the purchase of an overnight stay. We all enjoyed the cute free wolf ears they give you when you check in as well.

Hope all your trips are good ones and remember to make the most of every moment with those action packed superheroes of yours!

Review of our Book!

Click the link below to see Jasmine’s glowing review of our parenting book on her wonderful website.

Book Review LINK

Check out here other great blog posts as well. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Too quiet!?!

Have your kids ever been too quiet!?!

I was so thankful my little one was finally silent in the back of the mini until I got to the store and found this! Ha!

This is Ryker, our fourth, and we dread naps because the dude can stay up until eleven o-clock no problem. My wife and I created this problem, because it’s fun to snuggle with him for a few minutes when he comes bopping out of his room. And he comes up with some pretty impressive reasons why he should be allowed to stay up just a little longer.

He also does the “two more minutes… okay, three” charade with remarkable success, so my wife and I have no one to blame but ourselves. Kids are incredibly smart and if they figure out a way to work the system, they’ll do it every time.

So tonight we’ll try again to be firm and loving. We’ll hope for a decent bedtime so we can spend a few minutes wrapping the kids’ presents.

And we’ll shoot for two minutes… instead of three to snuggle!

How to Handle a Trip to the Store

Christmas is the best time of the year, but kids can get whiny, fussy, and downright Grinch-like!

The next time your little ones beg mercilessly for toys or candy at the store, simply ask if they have the money for it. If they don’t, politely tell them they can earn money by doing chores to buy whatever their little heart’s desire (within reason of course).

Eventually (hopefully), your kids will stop asking for everything they see and learn that hard work pays off. It’s good for children to delay gratification at times as well. As with all these humble suggestion, consistency works best.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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