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Am I the only one who feels like this!?! Parenting feels like a constant battle!

You're not alone. This parenting stuff is hard... really hard and now they've got iPads, OnDemand, and video games. What do I do!?! Somebody help, please... We'd love for you to join today in the desperate search to raise respectful, hard-working and smart kids.


We're certainly not perfect, but we'll never stop trying to "get it right!"


Book Signing

at Secret Knocks

Sept. 12, 2018

Sorry - Private Invitation Only

(More speaking events coming up here soon!)

How to Raise Great Kids

101 Fun & Easy Ideas

The author offers humble suggestions to help raise respectful, hard-working, and obedient children. Using mostly dinner and drive times to play learning games, give your children the tools they desperately need to be joyful and successful.

Visit our YouTube Channel

From full length author talks to quick tips in a pinch, we hope you love our YouTube Channel.

Click here to see our complete list of videos.

More coming soon!

Kids that Listen?

Is it even possible to raise obedient children in today's age?

The answer is "Yes!" Your kids should always answer respectfully when you ask them to do something. It's not easy, but this video has some quick tips on how to get the ball rolling in the right direction.


We know how crazy life can be, so we wrote "How to Raise Great Kids" with active parents in mind. Each chapter is only about a page long and offers practical nuts-and-bolts suggestions that make your life easier, your relationships stronger, and your kids happier.

Learn the secrets to parenting well and have fun in the process. Your children will be grown up and moved out before you know it, so make the most of every opportunity and guide them well.

Enjoy the journey!

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